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Welcome to our cricket betting prediction page official sports update. Here we will post our tips and analysis on the upcoming cricket matches that are being played around the globe and give you our betting tips as for who we think will be the most profitable to bet on based on the odds.

We will try to put out our predictions as quickly as possible and try to cover as many games as we can. However there are limited amount of time available to all of us here at and we won’t be able to cover every game, but our production has been able to increase over the years as our team has grown. Expect to see more and more games being covered in the future! was created to become a leading cricket betting portal on the Internet and helping out fellow bettors finding the best gambling portals to place their (cricket) bets at. Since that, our primary goal has shifted somewhat and now we try to serve our readers with the highest quality articles and best betting tips that you can find online, as well as keep an up to date list of sports book reviews.

The focus on our site has shifted towards delivering the best cricket betting tips online, and that for free! The tips are mainly produced by the owner of the site, but often in conjunction with his trusted circle of professional bettors. The sites reviewed on this site are all the ones used by our betting team when analyzing the matches, so these are sports books we use ourselves and can vouch for. is a brilliant cricket betting guide for cricket fanatics seeking access to everything from tips, sports book, match odds to in-play betting and more.

Today, online betting has become a rage among Cricket fans and betting sites, which makes it hard to choose the right platform. The tricky part is to find the site that is safe, has better bonuses, wider betting options and is trustworthy. We do our best to answer all such apprehensions with top betting tips, live bookie odds and top selection based on team’s winning odds. You don’t win a bet by just selecting a suitable cricket betting site based on a good review; you must know which team has more odds, which team is a favorite among bookies and much more.

What offers:

  • Tips & tricks to find the right betting site
  • Introduction to top cricket betting factors
  • Cricket betting guide on upcoming matches
  • Answers to all the Cricket betting questions
  • Reviews on leading sportsbook or Cricket betting site
  • Information on popular Cricket Tournaments
  • Online Banking guide for online Cricket Betting
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